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Houston Artist Extraordinaire

Put simply, I like making stuff and doing things.  If it’s humanly possible, I can do it. 

I graduated the University of Houston in 2002, with a bachelor’s degree of fine arts in painting.  I specialized in oils and watercolors, but enjoy the challenge of new mediums.  Being taught how to build my own canvases gave me a deeper appreciation for my art and skills to apply in other areas.

My current work varies both in concept and medium.  I want to shine a light on mental awareness with my art.  I am a highly sensitive person and struggle with chronic depression.  I have found solace in my work, especially with my tiny writing series Still Alive, Good Enough.

I also dabble in the taboo world of craft.  Shhh, don’t say it too loud.  I just can’t help myself, I’m crazy about miniatures and need an outlet.  You can find these gems under my blog in Fancy Strikes at the Market



Meet the Herd

From chatting with the mayor of Houston to flying tiger planes over Galveston Bay, you never know where my tiny elephants will pop up.