I had no idea the Herd hooped


The Hooping Herd



Hooping Herd

The Herd was excited when my new hoop tubing arrived. Everyone grabbed their own hoops to join in the fun.

Hoop Herd

I had no idea they had been practicing so hard, I was impressed.










Hoop Gertrude

Gertrude was shaking her hips, she has no problem keeping the hoop going.


Hoop Fabio

Nice pass behind the back Fabio.

Hoop Sybil

Say cheese Sybil!









Hoop Bertrand

Bertrand was practicing his tosses and had to show me just how high he could throw.


Hoop Ambrose

Ambrose had mastered the German Wheel.


Hoop Dharma

Dharma’s behind the neck passes were magical.









Hoop Eunice

I like your tape job Eunice.



Hoop Cindiloo

Oh my Cindiloo you certainly have been busy, five hoops!

Hoop Annie

Here’s Annie doing body rolls.