Fly High Little Tiger

Some may ask,

So how does the casual tiger get about town?…



Why, by tiger plane of course!



I met up with Captain Bloke Maurer down at La Porte Airport to get my highly anticipated ride in the tiger plane.  We met at the Houston Vintage Festival and I fell in love with his plane the moment I saw it.  It had become a dream for me to fly in it. 

My pre-flight instructions included how to buckle myself into the emergency parachute and to avoid the tail if I need to jump out.  The emergency parachute is like a seat cushion and you strap yourself in after you’ve seated yourself.  The cockpit is snug, but you don’t notice it with the clear canopy. 




The canopy was still open and the start of the propeller sent a rush of wind through my hair.  The feeling was exhilarating.  Headsets were on, she was ready to go, but not until we had a little take off music.  It makes me smile that we took off to Katy Perry’s, Roar.  Purrrfect.  Take off was fast and light, we were up in the air in no time.

Capt. Bloke took it easy on me and I made sure to eat light that day, but still…  Wow!  We met up with his wing man mid air and I was shown how they do formation flying.  Our wing tips were within feet of each other.  We also did a few rolls and I got to see Galveston Bay while upside down.

Not only did I get to ride in the tiger, I got to fly her.  I was so nervous and my hand was sweating the whole time, but what a thrill.  I really had to focus on that third dimension, especially while doing the turn.  The height was deceptive, I had to look at the tiny boats to remind myself how high we were.  Before landing, I was shown how a flyby is done, my stomach was done too.  It took until the next morning for the queasiness to reside… so worth it.


Ambrose stopped by to discuss how silly the humans of this brane are, still traveling by plane.  Wormholes are much more efficient.