The Wawa Bridge at Watonga

I’ve  started a new technique
and a new series


The WaWa Bridge at Watonga
Watercolor and paper cutting
17″ x 13″


I’m combining watercolor painting with paper cutting and I’m really enjoying it.

I have always considered myself an oil painter, it is what I got my BFA in.  Unfortunately, I need studio space to use oils and I just don’t have it.  Painting fulfills a need in my life and I’m not willing to stop, so I have switched to watercolor for the time being.

I love working with watercolors and making vibrant pieces.  I wasn’t satisfied though, I wanted something more.  I don’t quite recall how I started paper cutting, but I like what it adds to my pieces.





Both the leaves and the entire bridge were painted separately and then cut out and glued on.  I used my tiny writing to create the branches for the leaves.  Gotta get that writing in.

There are some spots around Houston that I find eye catching and I want to recreate these.  They are my favorite spots and I want to share this beauty with others.

I love Watonga Park in NW Houston, it has such a wonderful and peaceful vibe.  I especially like the bridge, and have named it the WaWa Bridge.