Eclipse Over Houston – Go Ahead and Stare


Go Ahead and Stare


How exciting, next Monday on August 21, 2017 the US will experience a total solar eclipse.

We will only get 67% totality here in Houston, but I’ll take it.


The Lunar and Planetary Institute is having a viewing party down at Levy Park in midtown.

They also had an art contest and my piece was selected.  Images of it will be displayed

during the eclipse at Levy Park and the Harris County- Freeman Branch Library



I created my piece, Go Ahead and Stare, by first airbrushing the background with black acrylic paint. 

Next, I used oil pastels to create the sun’s light.  Then, I added my tiny writing into the fiery light.

Check out the story in The Leader News



Peak totality will be reached locally at 1:16pm, see you at Levy Park. 

Do I dress up or not?