Where I Hang My Tears at Night

I made a new cigar box for my series Caching in on Respect

I call it, Where I Hang My Tears at Night

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I made up a little story to go along with the box…

Before I go to bed at night I take my tears and hang them on the tree for safe keeping.  They shimmer like the stars as they quiver in the moonlight.  I rest my hoop against the trunk for the night, since it won’t fit down my little hidey-hole.  Then, I quietly pad down to my secret spot and crawl down the hole.





At the bottom of the hole it is warm and cozy, glowing with a soft amber light.  I curl up for the night in the Earth’s gentle embrace and drift off to sleep.








Wanna know the real story?  I was working on another project and decided that the tree was too big.  Then I had the idea to add my cool glass beads, the last of what I had, to the branches.  I thought it was something that I could sell at the market, but when I saw how beautiful it looked I changed my mind and decided to turn it into a cigar box. 

It’s MINE, All Mine!…  for now…


Here are the specs:

I first painted the background using acrylic paints.  I like to use little bottles with small tips and filled with white paint to do all the stars, it goes faster.  The tree was made using a fine gauge wire and twisting several strands together.  I added the glass beads to each branch and then glued the tree in place with hot glue.  I used plaster to create the ground, creating the texture with a popsicle stick as it cured.  I used pottery tools to carve out the den and hole.  I painted the ground and then dusted with Pearl Ex micropearl powder to give it a sheen.  I used polymer clay to create the hoop and mini me.  It is a delicate process working at such a small scale with that clay.